Artwork Guidlines


"Can you use the logo on my website?"

Sometimes. It will depend on the application you are asking for and the size and format the file is in.

"What happens if my artwork isn't good enough?"

Don't Panic. We have the ability to turn almost any logo into the format you need. If we need to contact you to take a set up fee then we will do so once your order is confirmed.

"I know my artwork isn't what you need. Can I purchase the set up fee through your website?"

Yes. Please submit what you have when ordering your products and then go to the following links to purchase your set up fees





For any artwork, please provide it in the highest resolution you have. The better the artwork the better our results and it could save you money. 


High resolution JPG, BMP, TIF, EPS, AI, PNG 

We accept all of the above as long as the resolution is high quality.

If this is your first time ordering with us then we will charge you a one off fee for making your logo into embroidery format. Once we have this it will be kept on file for any future orders and you wont have to pay the set up fee again. 

If you already have your logo set up in embroidery format you can send that to us also.


Vector AI files and EPS files 

If we are producing your logo as a print then we will need a vectored file to work with. Telling if your logo is vectored is easy. If you zoom in on your logo and it doesn't pixelate then you have a vectored file. If it does then send it in to us and we can create it in the required format. A re-draw fee will be applied 

Don't create a non vector file and then save it as a AI or EPS file - it's still a non vector file and would be unusable unless we re-draw it for a fee.


If your logo has any text then these MUST be converted to outlines before you send it to us.

If you don't and we don't have your font on file then your logo wont look like it is meant to.